Tuesday, December 8, 2015

MOM: Immaculate Conception


God Love You!


I know I have not posted in forever, but it gets real and busy most of the time and I'm so grateful for it all.

I've had this post on draft for a couple of months and as providence would have it, I get to post about it today - on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception.

Here are some of the highlights Mother Angelica goes into:

  • For us to TRY to grasp the wonder of Mary
  • The Pieta and the degree of love in that piece
  • The awesomeness of our creation and how we're not awe struck at the wonder of God!
  • The hunger for God
  • The hunger to adore our Lady
  • The hunger for Holy Days of Obligation
  • Better to die with your boots on, than to have to face the Lord and say "I was too tired"
  • Get your soul in order - confession!
  • She takes a call about infertility

As I was reading this list, the hunger for Holy Days of Obligation jumped up out at me - the thought that we need to feel obligated to do something at times. How we sense a feeling of love when others expect something from us.

I see it in my daughter, when she asks me if it's seven yet. We have a rule that says "no Ipad after seven." She doesn't watch the Ipad often, but when she does she is somehow comforted in knowing that I have set some rules for her - for her own good.

So if you can, try your hardest to make it to Mass today!


Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Sunday Plan: Amazing Grace


God love you!

So I believe it was last week that I wanted to start posting the song that spoke to me most during Mass. As it happens with me often, I never got around to actually writing that post but I kept thinking about it throughout the week.

This week, it just happened that the song the 10 am choir chose to sing was "Amazing Grace." Good one God!

I know there are many renditions that will just bring you to your knees. This rendition, however was made more special by the elderly man who I had the pleasure to sit next to. His voice was so soft and worn and he sang each word with such meaning, with such love. I just couldn't help it, I cried - it doesn't take much these days.

It turns out it was his birthday, too. I wanted to tell him that I hope my children grow up to sing like that one day. I wanted to tell him that he did his Mama proud that day and to keep singing like that every day of his life. Sometimes, when I want to say things like this to someone I know no longer has a Mama this side of heaven, it almost makes me feel like I'm talking to my BBC. Don't ask me why, it just does. A lump in my throat and a few tears, and I didn't tell him - so I'm telling you instead.

The cool thing, though is that in my "research" for this post, and by "research" I mean the "Amazing Grace" Wiki page, I learned all about John Newton's amazing conversion and how he came to believe God had begun to work through him. I learned that his conversion, like mine and many others is a day to day thing. God is constantly calling us back to Him.

I also learned that Mr. Newton had been reading The Christian's Pattern, a summary of the 15th-century The Imitation of Christ by Thomas à Kempis. That is just amazing! The same book that sits on my table and never finished. I must change this.

The video below says it is the best version by far which I think is a crazy claim seeing as how it's estimated that it's performed over 10 million times annually. As for me, I'll never forget the rendition by the man sitting next to me!

What's your favorite rendition?

In keeping with the Sunday plan posts, I'm going to be posting my workout plan for the week. It'll be a good way to keep me accountable and to hopefully remind you to get that body moving!!!

Monday: ripped-with-hiit-hiit-circuit-upper-body
Tuesday: ripped-with-hiit-hiit-circuit-lower-body
Wednesday: ripped-with-hiit-plyo-hiit-one + ripped-with-hiit-bonus-abs-one
Thursday: ripped-with-hiit-lift-it-hit-it-back-biceps-shoulders
Friday: ripped-with-hiit-lift-it-hiit-it-legs


Friday, October 9, 2015

7QTF: Only in El Paso

--- 1 ---

God Love You!

This, OMG, this possibility:

He may come to visit Cd. Juarez, according to this article. In a city that has seen so much violence, this would just be awesome - so pray that he makes it out there!

--- 2 ---

I've been to two of these missions and they are just beautiful and so full of love! I know, living here - I take them for granted so I must make it a point to go visit them soon.

I'm always in awe when I walk into any Mission. I wonder how many people walked through those doors? How many were suffering or angry? How many were forced? How many felt God's love?

It amazes that people chose to leave the comforts of their own home and community to brave a new world just to bring God's love to others. Wow.

--- 3 ---

BB: "Hey, you missed a page." She's convinced I skip pages in her bedtime story so she just has to wrestle the book away to make sure.

--- 4 ---

BBC: The Compassionate Friends "Walk to Remember" is this weekend. There are so many emotions in this last sentence so I will leave it at that.

--- 5 ---

NCC: Walking all over the place and playing with his plastic yellow ball, he laughs each time it hits his tummy - that is, when he's not getting ear infections!

--- 6 ---

The Doggies: missing my little Dulci - praying she's playing up at Rainbow Bridge. I miss her little nails on the wood - always by my side.

--- 7 ---
I just found this song and thought the video was too cute not to share. Try not to picture me dancing to this song at work, it's hilarious - I have no rhythm!

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Monday, September 7, 2015

MOM: Resolutions


God Love You!

Oh my goodness, what a title for this post. Resolutions. We are almost at the three-quarters mark and I've probably gotten around to getting less than 10% of my resolutions going.

Today I had one of those events where you come up a little shaken. It was nothing big, but just big enough that you know you need to work on trusting our Lord just a little, more like a lot more. Ever have one of those?

The episode below originally aired on 1/5/1999. I was going into my junior year in college, but I honestly can't remember how I spent New Year's that year. Friends, family - that particular year is drawing a blank - aahhh! Oh well. I know I was young and probably looking for love or something like that.

Some of the topics Mother Angelica covers are:

  • How we don't know what God is preparing for us, but He does prepare, for here and the after life
  • Why does God allow these things, like abortion and storms
  • Luke 16 - the demands on the man that showed no sign of repentance
  • How we cannot serve two masters
  • Warning to those who hit their wives and how that's not love at all
  • How do we know suffering has value? She knows because of Jesus. A lot of us think suffering is an evil, but it is not.
  • Dryness when you don't feel like praying/bored/running away from suffering, we must try to love with a pure love and sometimes no consolations can be a good sign!
  • How we must persevere in loneliness, desolation, in your problems even when you think God's not hearing you. He may just be saying no.
  • How every storm passes and they all pass
  • For those that need assurance that God loves you - well you wouldn't be here if He didn't!
It's a really good episode, and so funny too. I hope you watch it - I'm so glad I did!


Thursday, July 30, 2015

7QTF: Jambalaya!

--- 1 ---

God Love You!

We are planning a trip to Durango, CO and cannot wait. Any recommendations?

--- 2 ---

These dogs, oh my gosh - these dogs! The one with the lid on his head, priceless!

--- 3 ---

BB: "You'll pick me up ..., but that takes so long! Believe it or not, it's been a difficult summer with BB and drop offs at the learning center. A couple of times I've regretted my hair being down as it gives her the chance to grab on and hold on tight.

--- 4 ---

BBC: Some kiddos joined us in praying the Divine Chaplet of Mercy at 3 (I'll tell you more about that later) and I kept thinking about him. How these little girls have already been introduced to such a beautiful prayer and it all started with my friends praying with me and for my family. It was such a blessing.
--- 5 ---

NCC: Almost walking, almost - eight teeny tiny steps of joy into my heart.

--- 6 ---

The Doggies: they both just love to dig through some trash, I need to record their guilty faces!

--- 7 ---

Makes me laugh every time!

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Little Things: oh those little things!


God Love You!

This week I've been reading, My Life with the Saints by James Martin. It is awesome and truly just walked into my life at the library. Somebody left it lying on a shelf near where the kiddos were playing so I just had to get it. Now I'm trying to read it as fast as I can so I can get it back to that library on that same shelf!

Well folks, I'm about half way through and realize I know so little about the Catholic Church and it's history. There is a chapter on the Jesuits and St. Ignatius of Loyola - I knew absolutely nothing about them! I must change this.

One of the nifty things that has stuck with me was to try and do an examination of conscience at the end of the day and really try to see God's hand in everything - where we felt Him most, where we said no to Him. So I've been trying to do that, but I have to cut myself short because this little mind tends to dwell on those times where I can feel Him most and gloss over the times when I say no to Him. I hope this gets better with time!

As far as the blog goes, it had prompted me to maybe add a weekly post about those times when I feel Him in my life. So I said, yes, I need to do that and then went on my merry way.

Then, I started reading through Dwija's link up, and said "Hmmm, I wonder if I have any recipes I could add?" I searched my recipedias tag and read through some of the ones I posted, then I found the Little Things: Chilaquiles recipedia. Guess what, I had already done that whole Little Things deal before and forgot all about it.

Thank-you God for reminding me about all those little things! Thank-you!

Now back to the link-up, here are some of my fave fast recipedias:

  1. Butternut squash mac-n-cheese. This one is made faster if you pre-roast the squash, I think I need to go back to my Sunday veggie-roasting fests!
  2. Chilaquiles. Or poor-man enchiladas that you can also add cooked-over medium eggs on top - just delicious!
  3. Shrimp+Kale Tacos. I need to bring Taco Thursday back!
  4. Potato+Tuna Tacos. These can also be made into little tuna patties and eaten over rice. The potato+garlic+cilantro+tuna combination is so good and I got my parents to thank for introducing me to it!
  5. Lentils+Potato+Cheese. I must confess, I love me some potatoes!
  6. Potato+Chorizo+Avocado Cream - goodness, it has been too long since I bought potatoes!
  7. Avocado+Bacon Tacos. Taco Thursdays are coming back my friends!

Please note, I am not a chef by any stretch of the imagination. RC jokes that I make hospital type food, so please make sure to add your seasoning - I'm working on it!

Also, thank-you all for stopping by and for those of you that posted - you best believe I'm going to get out my crock-pot and let it do all the cookin!


Monday, July 20, 2015

MOM: John 21


God Love You!

So, awkward right? How do you explain these unexplained blog absences? You don't, you can't. I can't believe it's been 3 months, but it has. There have all kinds of things going on over at mi casa, not to mention the world!

I've been trying and failing miserably to carve out some quiet time with Our Lord in the mornings. I am not and have ever been a morning person. My parents have this famous line, "she's not in the mood." I can get down right mean sometimes. I believe BB has inherited this little trait, so I steer clear.

Well, tonight I finally got to read John 21, after having this post in draft mode for about 3 months, or a blink of an eye. What stuck out for me was the call to "Follow me". I pray for that grace always. It's so easy, yet I somehow manage to get in my own way. "Follow me."

In the episode below, Mother Angelica talks about how people willingly choose to die for a living God. We live in a world where out of sight is out of mind, but these people do not die for a memory, but to imitate Jesus, son of the Most High God.

There are so many things in that little chapter that I would have just glanced over. Mother Angelica casts a new light on them, she talks about how the disciples were obedient by dropping the net, even when reason says not too.

She points out that John recognized Our Lord first, although everyone loved him, and asks us if we are able to recognize Him. She asks us if we recognize the miracles in our life, the miracle of life and old age.

She asks us if we realize what a gift it is to enjoy nature.What a gift to even get out of bed in the morning. The gifts of having a job or a family. The gift of time to keep us in existence to do the things we need to do. Do we recognize those gifts?

She also asks us to be humble, obedient and honest with ourselves when we commit a sin. She challenges us to choose forgiveness over harboring any anger in our hearts. It's a beautiful message, and she delivers it in a most entertaining way. I hope you enjoy it!